Ella and Cedric Eat Sauerkraut.

"Nutrients, fasting, grounding (touching Earth with bare feet or other body parts), sunlight, sleep, and exercise facilitate the body’s detoxifying, self-healing abilities. Animal organs are ample, underused sources of fat-soluble vitamins. Silicon-rich mineral water removes aluminum from the body(125). Bacillus subtilis, a rod-shaped bacteria, can degrade 65 percent of the glyphosate in soil, while microbes in sauerkraut and other fermented foods may be able to metabolize glyphosate and its also-toxic metabolite AMPA(126). Regenerative, pesticide-free farming, perfected over millennia by our ancestors, sustainably produces nutritious food while also healing the planet. Electrosmog can be significantly reduced by unplugging unused electronics and appliances, putting phones on Airplane mode, and using cabled internet." -Tao Lin